Stolen Whyte Victoria

, 01/10/18

Bike Description

My almost new whyte Victoria was stolen out of my stairwell yesterday.  The stolen bike is a women’s hybrid bike in large from 2017 (I bought it in May 2018). It has 18 gears (shimano sora) and has mudguards fitted (also from Whyte - not seen in pictures though) everything else onthe bike are still original features including wheels, saddle and handles. A set of cateye front and back lights were fitted, however these could have been easily removed.

Theft Description

Unfortunately my bike was stolen from a bike stand in my stairwell. It was secured with a D-Lock, however the thieves cut through the bike stand. I must have happen during the day yesterday (1st of Oct) because it was gone by the time I came home yesterday. I live in a really quiet  area therefore never expected this to happen. Any hints of tips in how to get my bike back would be greatly appreciated. A.