Voodoo Bizango

, 15th of July at 8:30am £100
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  • Stolen When

    15th of July at 8:30am

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Bike Description

Bike does not have original seat and the seat is black (usually yellow), bike has been converted to 11 speed with a wide narrow chainring. Bike has gold dust caps. Bike has two drink holders which are different. 2 x MBUK stickers and connection point for a rear tailbag which was not on the bike at the time. Stolen from my home address. Reward if found or for info leading to recovery

Theft Description

Thief entered secure gated compound, scoped a few bikes then chose mine. Right outside my house. Tall, mid 20's dressed in black head to toe with black hoodie. Used the hood to evade the cctv. Bike is distinctive. Reward WILL be payed for info leading to recovery.

Recovery Description

The thief came back and was known around town. Made a deal to get it back and not prosecute. Just a kid and was very scared that I tracked him down. The world is going to hell, nobody is looking after these young adults that are troubled...