Stolen Trek Marlin 7

, 17/08/22
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Bike Description

29" wheel, Red fading into yellow colour, roxshox front suspension, 10x1 speed, hydraulic disc brakes

Theft Description

Bought the bike at Evans Cycles in Reading, cycled to Morrisons immediately after, locked my bike up with gold standard D lock, next to a sign that said CCTV in operation, went inside to buy cottage pie.   Most expensive cottage pie I ever bought.   I had the bike for less time than it took to purchase it. I was in Evans cycles for 45 minutes, less than an hour later it was gone.   The grief I'm feeling right now is immeasurable. It's affecting my partner and my everyday functioning. Every bike I've had since I was 10 had been stolen and I've always been too poor to buy another. I enrolled with cycle scheme to spread the cost of a new bike, when I found out about cyclescheme I was overjoyed at the thought of being able to actually own a new bike, the like of which I've never had since I was 10.   Only to have it cruelly taken right under my nose. There's even a picture of the theif driving away with it on his back on a moped.