Stolen Trek Marlin 7 18.5″

, 18/03/2019, between 9:15am and 6:15pm
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    18/03/2019, between 9:15am and 6:15pm

Bike Description

Teal frame with black/light green decorations, "TREK" label.   Both wheels have hydraulic disk breaks. 3x8 gears. Plastic pedals. Front and back reflectors, back mudguard (detachable). Attachment for front light. Lockable fork. Handlebar grips are light green.   Identifying features: there is a mark / white scuff on the right of the seat. Most of the wheels' stickers are off.   Picture:

Theft Description

Chain opened with bolt cutters during the day, while the bike was locked in front of Colston Hall / 3 Colston St.