Stolen Trek FX2

, 14/1/2020
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Bike Description

The bike is a distinctive Trek FX2 disc hybrid mens bike. Large grey frame, black 700C Bontrager wheels. The TREK writing is in a Bright Yellow fading to a Green Colour. The wheels are black with Bontrager written on them in white. The cross bar has a stripe in the same colouring as the Trek writing.There is a small chip on the crossbar that shows up as white quite near writing that gives the model, FX 2. It has a white sticker on the top bar showing the size which is written as "L 20in / 55cm". It is distinctive as it is a light grey colour, and has black Suntour suspension forks. This bike does not naturally come with suspension forks, but the shop that sold this had scratched the forks it came with and so replaced them with these. It had odd mudgaurds fitted to make it look unattractive, but it was a new ish bike. I bought it around start of November.