Trek Dual Neko Women

, Between 6pm April 4th and 9am April 5th, 2017 50£
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    Between 6pm April 4th and 9am April 5th, 2017

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Bike Description

The handlebars are rusty from the previous horn and mirror I had. The brakes are new, replaced just over a month ago at Halfords. I had the bike for over 5 years thus it had visible signs of usage.. It had a small white light on the handle bar and a red one under the seat. I brought this bike to Welwyn Garden City all the way from Iceland and it has a deep emotional value :(

Theft Description

The bike was located in the car park of Maidensfield 21, Welwyn Garden City, in the covered 3 walls storage space next to the back entrance of the house. It was locked

Recovery Description

I reported it to the police, shared it here on this website and social media and also put posters around my area, in the building, in the car park, in the shop close-by and in the bus station. This morning one lovely woman called saying that she found the bike abandoned in her yard and one tire is damaged. She saw my poster in the bus station and called to my extreme happiness! We got reunited this evening and what happened is that the chain got stuck between the back wheel and main body of the bike so badly that it destroyed the back tire. And I guess this is why the thief abandoned it! I didn't manage to remove the chain yet and the back wheel is just deflated and stuck in there for now, it looks like I will have to cut that chain somehow to be able to remove it :( Horrible horrible experience, I pray that you will all manage to find your two wheeled freedoms and thieves get prosecuted!