Trek 3 Series 3700 (21 Inch)

, 08/01/20 at 14:12

Bike Description

Dark grey frame, disc brakes front and rear, 21 gears, rear mudguard fitted and rear led light fitted to the seat stem. There is a mounting bracket attached to the handlebars for a headlight. Rims are black fitted with wide off-road tyres and slime inner tubes. Image is representative, not the actual bike.

Theft Description

Suspect (caught on CCTV) scouted the area for some time until there was an opportunity to wrench the lock apart and ride off. Bike was locked outside Loughborough Students' Union building near the Ashby Road gates. Suspect turned left towards New Ashby Road/Schofield Road area. Suspect was a teenage white male dressed all in black.

Recovery Description

Critical thing was very clear CCTV that allowed the police to id the person who stole it. Ended up with £150 worth of damage, but now fixed and back on the road!