Top End Force RX

, 21/04/2016
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Bike Description

Recumbent handcycle for disabled cyclists, around 6ft (maybe more) in length with a fully recumbent seat. The stickers are  peeling, with a few missing on the frame. There will be a fixing for a Garmin on the middle bar. Stolen from the back of the car in the Balham/Streatham area of London. SW2. This is a very specialised and distinctive bike.

Theft Description

Stolen from the back of the car by jimmying open the window and opening the door. The back wheels were detached and the chain had fallen so it would have been a pain to get out and could not have been ridden away.

Recovery Description

People in the local area saw our posts on Twitter and Facebook, and saw the thieves sell the bike to Cash Converters. So we were able to call the police and have the bike recovered.