Stolen Specialized Sirrus 2.0 Hybrid Bike 2022

, 10-05-2022 Reasonable mutual agreement with finder
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    Reasonable mutual agreement with finder

Bike Description

Hybrid bike bought on 9th April, 2022. Has tefal mudguards and back mudguard has few scractches at the end. Bike frame close to the handle has two patches of duct tapes, would leave some marks if removed. tTop of the frame should also have few scratches close to the handle. Bike seat shaft has 3-4 rings due to multiple height adjustments, major one should be around 2-3. Bike also has a bell on the left hand side of  the handle.

Theft Description

Bike was stolen from Southfield Park OX42BA on the night of 10 May, 2022. Bike was locked with gold secure D-lock and a strong cable to the frame of the bike shed. Bike was locked at 11 PM and was found stolen the next morning