Stolen Specialized Roubaix Elite

, Wednesday June 6th 2012 £50

Bike Description

Black Specialized Roubaix triple 

It's a 58cm frame bike. Black with red strips. White saddle.

Things to easily identify it as mine - 

1. The handle bars are double taped with white tape. They look overly large, and are around twice the width of standard handlebars with the extra padding.

2.Only the rear tyre is a Continental Gatorskin tyre.

3. Only the rear wheel has a blue tyre valve cover (the front is black)

4. Two stickers on the stem under the saddle. One saying "Dirtwheels Cycles" and the other with "Thomas' Cycle Revolution" written on them.

5. The chain is slightly rusted in several places due to constantly getting the wet the past few days.


Thanks for any help in advance. £50 reward for information leading to safe recovery.

Theft Description

Stolen from: 1330 Bristol to Glasgow train. Bike removed at Cheltenham Spa station.