Stolen Sirrus Specialized

, 10 October 2018
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    10 October 2018

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Bike Description

The bike is Black. Is written "specialized" and "sirius". It only has the front brake. On the saddle it is written "planet X". The brake pad is black and red, quite new. The tires are "condinental". On the rims is written "madSpeed7". It has a sticker under the saddle in which is written "M", and a sticker with a red star in the front part. In the lower part, it has a sticker in which is written "Premium aliminium", "This cycle conforms to BS 61 02 part 1" and "handmade in taiwan". In the back part the black paint is very worn (near the saddle).

Theft Description

The bike was at Hillhead, in front of Keith House. It happened between 11 am and 4pm the 10 of October. I lost my bike lock the day before, so the bike was locked with the one of a friend. He went out in the morning, and the bike remained unchained. Probably It has been stolen coming from the Seaton park.