Stolen Shimano Excel hysteria (mountain bike) 21 speed

, 08-nov-2019
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Bike Description

It's a red color mountain bike, seat cover is damaged and is torn

Theft Description

Reading station Hill Road has a cycle stand. I parked in the morning 18-nov-2019 at 10 am and when i returned at 18:40 i found my cycle stolen. At the place i found my CUT lock. The lock was a chain lock with 2 good quality locks attached to it. Thief has cut the chain and left it behind. I have the remaining with me and have photographed it. Around 15 days back, at the same place i lost another cycle and the thief has CUT the lock and left the remaining cycle lock behind. I believe they come during day time at this cycle stand and cut the locks that are cuttable. Cycle manufacturer - SHIMANO Model - Excel hysteria (mountain bike) Color - RED 21 SPEED Dual suspension