Stolen SCOTT Speedster

, Wednesday 6th September £100
  • Colour

    Red and Black

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Wednesday 6th September

  • Reward


Bike Description

Since the photo was taken it has a yellow fluorescent bottle holder as well as a black bottle holder, the back wheel was recently changed to a shimano rim, so it has a white front rim and a black back rim. When it got stolen it had a back light and a front light attached, as well as a very small pump.

Theft Description

It was stolen near Clapham Common station outside the Londis on the corner, between approximately  6 - 7pm, it was left locked to the bike racks for about 45 minutes and in that time it was taken along with the lock. I had stopped in that area multiple times in the previous few weeks before, locking the bike up around a similar time for a similar length of time.