Stolen Sahara Classic

Bike Description

My bike stolen on 30th of October 2018 from Belfast City Centre around 7PM. It's an old blue Sahara Classic. I used it for 5 years and it was in very good working condition as I used it for working purposes. I only have an older picture but since then I fitted rear and front (classic) grey mudguard, new fron and rear wheels and new whole black semi-slick tyres as well. It had two (water resistant) mobile phone holders and one non-water reistant phone holder. One camera holder and a Kryptonite lock on the center part of the bike that allows my key to put in... There was one word engraved (on two parts of the bike) by hand starting with letters "M" and "I" (I'll tell you the word if you found it and where you could find that word).

Theft Description

Around 7PM. In the city centre.