Stolen Ridgeback Mounjain

, About 4 months ago Not shaw
  • Colour

    Blue and silver

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    About 4 months ago

  • Crime Reference Number

    Can't find it

  • Reward

    Not shaw

Bike Description

Bike was stolen out of my girlfriend shed was caught on cctv but police can't do anything it's a oldschool ridgback it happened about 3 months ago and as never been seen on any for sale sight just disappeared in thin air action camera case was left on and a creepy front light but I took battery pack off slight scratches on rear back arm near gears

Theft Description

Stol e bike out of shedate  about 8pm at night and got cctv pics they waited till I went in the house then in 10 minutes broke in there was 2 adults both on bikes one came up the stairs my flood light came on and was caught on cctv