Stolen Ridgeback Hybrid

, 17/07/2021 -
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    Médium/ ladies bike

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Bike Description

Ladies bike, Bordeaux / burgundy, 3+7 gears. Black handles. Had a white, blue and yellow sticker in the front mud flap(color black). Black plastic pedals (one of them was missing a kind of toe holder. The saddle rack (color black) was a bit loose as it was missing a screw. The “leader” of the seat had a few holes. It had a blue plastic circle in the middle of the handlebar. it was an old bike and as you can hear from the description it was not in amazing condition but it worked well.

Theft Description

I don’t know as I left it at New Beckenham station during the afternoon and when I came back around 20.50 they had broken my lock and stole it.