Stolen Pinnacle Aura Flight 2011 (Large)

, Spring 2013

Bike Description

My Pinnacle roadie was stolen from the (locked) bike sheds in the flats where I lived. It was in a locked compound too, so pretty devastated that someone managed to get at it. 

It was actually stolen around a year ago. 

I have always kept an eye on Gumtree and Ebay to find it, but never seen it listed. 

It isn't hugely valuable in price, but it was very special to me. 

The pictures are not the same bike but the same model. Mine was a LARGE bike, so the 'small' sticker would have read 'Large'. 

I am happy to reward anyone who can help find it. Personally, I think I have seen it in use in the Bevois Valley area of Southampton. 

It is quite distinctive, and there are some small modifications which make it different to the shop bought model. 

If anyone has seen this bike, or recognises it, please contact me.

Theft Description

Stolen from: Flats near Ocean Village, Southampton