Stolen Peugeot (unsure) its a “lariviere”

, 29.06.20
  • Colour

    black frame, red and black tyres, red handlebars.

  • Frame Number

    last two digits of a number on the frame is 57 in white writing

  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

red handlebars, black frame with yellow, orange and red writing of "peugeot" and orange and yellow lines running horizontal across the bikes frame in parts. "Lariviere" written in white on part of the frame near the seat. yellow and red peugeot lion on the front part of the bike frame under the handlebars and another lion on the vertical part of the frame running down under the seat, slightly ripped black seat, black pedals with yellow reflectors. 2 sets of breaks on the handle bars. silver down-tube shifter gears (old vintage gears). there was a small yellow reflector on the back of the bike, it may have been taken off. Red and black tyres.

Theft Description

I locked it up with a chain lock and wheel lock around 6.45 pm and when i got back to the bike around 7.45 it was gone. It was locked up at Brunswick Quay, Rotherhithe (By the river). Everything was taken.