Stolen Merida Bikes eSpresso City 300 EQ 2021

Bike Description

A Merida green electric bike with
  1. A child seat (Brand: Polisport, color: dark grey).
  2. SR SUNTOUR suspension forks
  3. Shimano groupsets including:
    1. Shimano hydraulic disc break,
    2. Shimano setps E5000 series,
    3. Shimano cycle system.
    4. Shimano lithium ion battery (418wh)

Theft Description

It was stolen from the backyard of 62 Endcliffe Vale Road, S10 3EW, Sheffiled. I parked the bike in the yard (there is an access to the main road) at around 21:35 (29.08.2022). After around 3-5 mins, I went out to move the bike indoors and found it was stolen.