Mekk Pinerolo SE 0.2

, 09/06/2016
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Bike Description

As pictured with a very slim rear pannier rack and bright orange seat collar. Stolen from Gayhurst Road near Lonodn Fields in Hackney, London.

Theft Description

Stolen right from under my girlfriend's nose as she was picking a child up from nursery. The bike was one metre away when a man walked past and cycled off with it. All happened very quickly.

Recovery Description

I found the bike on and arranged a meeting with the seller. I went to view the bike and when the teenager came out of the house with the bike i told them it was stolen and that i was reclaiming it. I began to cycle off and they (and their dad) gave chase. I stopped and after a big argument i called the police (who had planned to join me on the sting but didn't turn up). The police calmed down the situation, verified it was my bike, and gave the boy and his dad a firm warning (they had bought the bike at a car boot sale the day before). Risky, but worth it.