Marin Bikes Kentfield

, Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM
  • Colour

    Light metallic blue

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM

  • Crime Reference Number

    JH 52117/2016

Bike Description

Hybrid/urban bike.

Theft Description

Bike was locked to a signpost in Harpur Street, Bedford opposite the New Bombay restaurant.  probably didn't remove the Kyrptonite D-lock but lifted the bike and lock off the signpost.

Recovery Description

As the theft was local and opportunist I shared the description of the bike with as many friends as possible - and one spotted the bike being ridden along the road a week or so later. When confronted the young man ran off leaving the bike. A few bumps and scratches but otherwise fine.