Marin Bikes Kentfield

, Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM
  • Colour

    Light metallic blue

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Fri 16th Dec. 2016 between 11PM-1AM

  • Crime Reference Number

    JH 52117/2016

Bike Description

Hybrid/urban bike.

Theft Description

Bike was locked to a signpost in Harpur Street, Bedford opposite the New Bombay restaurant.  probably didn't remove the Kyrptonite D-lock but lifted the bike and lock off the signpost.

Recovery Description

My stolen bike was seen by a friend being ridden close to where it was stolen from. When confronted, the rider ran off and the bike was recovered. Despite an accurate description of the rider, and his address the police have not proceeded as they said they would not be able to prove the rider was linked to the original thief. So a partly satisfactory story.