Mafiabikes Kush2+

, between 9pm and 11pm on November 26th 2017 £50
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  • Stolen When

    between 9pm and 11pm on November 26th 2017

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    Not sure yet

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Bike Description

It's a copper/orange bmx that has Whitewall tyres and a white chain. there's a sticker on the lower bit of the frame that says "Kush2+". It has orange grips and chrome handlebars. The bikes usually come with "mafiabikes" stickers on either side of the frame, but I took mine off. Also,  it has beige/orange pedals and chrome cranks.

Theft Description

I locked it up on a bike rack on Suchaehall street to go see a movie, and when I came out, it was gone. They broke the chain (which was a pretty weak chain to be fair ).

Recovery Description

Some guy found it in a bush near where it was stolen. The police really didn't help though, they acted like they care but all they helped with was a lift home when it was stolen.