Lyra Land Rover

, 16th October 2018

Bike Description

Ladies mountain bike, used. Black plastic mudguards, bottle holder, new black rack (not in the picture). Handlebars little bit rusty, black bell on left side, holder for light on right side. The saddle has a hole all the way through by design. 3 x 7 gears, 26 inch wheels, front suspension, frame is I think 16 or 17.

Theft Description

Stolen from bike stands in front of Oracle shopping centre in the evening.

Recovery Description

I found my stolen bike locked to a stand, same place as where I left it. Was waiting for couple of hours for the owner to come back. Nobody came so made the tires flat, took the front wheel and left a note there with phone number and explanation. Next day the bike was gone. I searched the town and found it 2 days later (yesterday) at another bike stand, locked to 2 other bikes. So I went and locked it with my lock. Today the 2 bikes were gone, my only locked with my lock to bike stand. Tadaaa