Stolen Lapierre X Control 110 2013

, 19th September 2017 @ 18:00-18:30PM £50 or more
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    19th September 2017 @ 18:00-18:30PM

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  • Reward

    £50 or more

Bike Description

Bike is white, black, and red. Has black grips with pink/red clamps. Right pedal is slightly bent inwards, due to a crash that occurred a while ago. Front/Rear disc breaks. Lowest gear doesn't work, as in 1st of the 1st.  

Theft Description

Bike was stolen from outside Mercury House in Bournemouth town centre, it was locked up on the bike rack, built into the ground. The lock was heavy-duty, and is meant to be used with motorcycles, due to the weight and thickness of the chain, proving over-protective for the bike, though it was somehow still bypassed...