Stolen KTM Macina force 291

, 30/10/2018 £££
  • Colour

    Black and orange

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Bike Description

The bike is the one you see in the pic, it's an electric bike!!! The only thing different is the saddle, when the bike was stolen there was a black and red saddle. The bike was stolen on the 30/10/2018 from reagent street. Probably the bast....s removed all the accessories to make it less identifiable! I offer a great reward to the person who'll take me to the bike!!! Thanks a lot

Theft Description

I locked my bike to one of the bike racks next to the apple store on regent street where I worked. I've used, as always, two locks, the main one around the frame and then the cable holding both wheels and attached to the main lock. The bike has got the anti theft kit on both wheels. The bike is registered on the bike registered as well and it has been reported as stolen now.