KHS Bicycles Alite 2000

Bike Description

It’s a black and yellow mountain bike with bright red front suspension. Quite a swooshy mud guard on the back wheel. The seat also has suspension. There’s a sky blue bottle holder on the frame. Front and back lights are fairly cheap new ones I bought online attached with stretchy rubber type attachments

Theft Description

it was taken from our back garden in Sheffield - worrying because they had to go through our neighbours’ garden to get to ours. Woke up in the morning and bike was gone with both garden gates open

Recovery Description

We found it advertised on Shpock and Gumtree. I started contacting the seller/thief saying I was interested and also updated the police quoting the crime number. Police took about a week and a half to do owt - it took about 4 or 5 phone calls until they actually did sumat. No one had responded to my enquiry about buying the bike. Only when I rang the police and said that it had been taken off the Shpock website and that they might be selling it to someone did the police find a phone number for them magically and arranged a meeting - they then recovered the bike and brought it round to my house! Big up PC David Davies ! Also after we’d got the bike back user of contacted me and said they’d viewed the bike and letting us know where it is ! So thanks for that Amanda Griffiths also!