Greenway AF-01

, between the the night of 28/11/2020 and 29/11/2020
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  • Stolen When

    between the the night of 28/11/2020 and 29/11/2020

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Bike Description

Silver Greenway single speed bike. The standard pursuit style handlebars were replaced with regular bullhorn handlebars with black faux leather tape. The back tire has been replaced with a Gator skin tire. The bike seat post bolt is stuck due to the bolt head having worn away. A notch has been cut in to the bolt head in an attempt to release it with a screwdriver, as a result the frame by the seat post bolt has been scored.

Theft Description

Removed from the railing it was locked to outside my flat.

Recovery Description

The bike was placed against a railing inside the property and behind a waist size wall separating it from the street. A D-lock was used, however it was not properly fastened to the bike and railing. A passer by saw the bike, and despite it being inside the property thought the bike was being thrown out and subsequently "rescued" it. After a few days the member of the public thought it odd that a newish bike in good condition was being thrown out and returned to the property to ask about the bike and returned it after clarifying their error.