Stolen Giant Defy 3

, 04/03/18 75
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    Blue (white & black)

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Bike Description

Blue/Silver/Black Giant 'Defy' Road Bike (Large frame) 2010 - rebuilt with 'Compact' gears (2 speed at front) and unusual crankset.

The image of the bike (taken from ebay) is not the actual bike but it would look very, very close to this. Rear derailleur is different (see below)

1. Handle bar tape worn and wrapped with clingfilm due to sticky glue oozing from tape.

2. Blue Hybrid 'Selle SMP' Saddle (slightly torn on one corner) with slot in the middle.

3. Shimano Hollow chain set 10 speed (20 gears total) - not standard for this bike

4. Blue and black strips of reflective tape around coloured parts of the bike.

5. Small disk magnet (approx 3-5mm diameter) glued to front wheel spoke

6. Shimano Tiagra brakes/shifters torn hood on LHS (non standard for this bike usually 'Sora')

7. Shimano 4650 Tiagra 10 speed chain set (front gears 2 rings only - not the usual 3)

8. Shimano Hollotech 105 bottom bearing/bracket - never used on this model bike.

9. Shimano 105 Rear derailleur (very odd to have this with Tiagra Front Chainset & Derailleur

10. Shimano 105 rear cassette (10 gears)

10. Shimano A520 Road pedals (again unusual on fast road)

11. Topeak Wedge II Saddle Bag

12. Fitting for trip computer on handle bar (no computer installed)

Theft Description

Bike stolen from Shepperton on night of 03/03/18 or possibly early am 04/03/18 - from back garden shed via entry over Littleton recreation ground. Perps cut through barbed wire, scaled wall and entered through back of shed. Removed this + 2 others and then threw them over the park wall. Only 1 of 3 bikes could be ridden (2 might be locked together still) - would need a car or van to transport or 3 individuals to carry away. This bike looks tatty around the handlebars (it's got clingfilm round the bar tape) and the seat is ripped. Overall the bike is worth less than 300 as all the components were second hand but has had hours of work spent to configure it.