Genesis Day 03

Bike Description

White frame with black forks.  Blue tyres and front mud-guard.

Theft Description

Stolen from: Home

Recovery Description

After checking eBay and gumtree daily, I finally found my bike being advertised on eBay in the October of 2013. Logged details with local police and had to give some very convincing descriptions of chips, dents, scratches etc. as I did not have the frame number. However, manage to find some original photos (I had bought bike off eBay a few years before) and they were used in the recovery by the police. Once impounded I was able to collect in early December of 2013! One thing I would say is that I had to persist with chasing the police, especially as the eBay auction was about to end and I didn't want to end up "buying" my bike to get it back.