Stolen Gary Fisher Tarpon

, 9.50pm on 5th July 2021
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    9.50pm on 5th July 2021

Bike Description

It’s a black Gary Fisher Tarpon not too badly scratched up but some , has a small round rubbed mark on the side of the top frame at the back end of it , rear legs are more scratched nearer the back on the left side and some on the right too , it’s had its original forks replaced with black Marzocchi forks with a white sticker down one side saying Marzocchi and the other fork has it missing so just black on the right fork , has 26” wheels and 21 shimano gears and has a water bottle holder

Theft Description

Stolen from Tesco Danestone in Aberdeen and had been seen by someone I know and has caught him on it on dash cam and has still photos of his face