Stolen Foffa Single Speed

, Discovered at 18:15 (6:15pm)
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    Discovered at 18:15 (6:15pm)

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Bike Description

It's a creme single speed bike by Foffa. I left a yellow reflective snap band at the bottom of the frame that leads to the saddle. There is also a large silver bell on the frame leading up to the handlebars which was placed there as the attachment was too small to put next to the handlebars. Otherwise, it looks brand new.

Theft Description

My bike was chained to the rails opposite the fully occupied bike stands next to Bethnal Green Station. It was locked with a combination lock in a figure 8 around the rail and frame of the bike. This was locked up at around 14:10 (2:10 pm) when I then entered Bethnal Green Station.