Stolen Felt Qx70 44cm ladies bike

, 5.7.12 Considered on return of bike
  • Colour

    Black main colour, bronze/brown with orange markings

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Reward

    Considered on return of bike

Bike Description

See description above re colour, this is a hybrid bike, so not quite a racer but not a mountain bike either. I hadnt had it long before stolen, so had not adorned it with lights, mudguards or anything, so bike was plain as when bought.  Was stolen from my workplace in Barking, the guy was caught as he was on cctv and known to police but he wouldnt provide details about what he had done with the bike. No doubt sold it on, and I believe I saw someone riding it in Barking on Monday 9th July.  It has some damage on theouter edge of the right brake lever and scratch marks on the right of the seat where i leaned it against a brick wall and it fell over

Theft Description

Stolen from: Barking