Stolen Dawes Cycles Mojave

, 27/06/2022
  • Colour

    Black/lime green

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Bike Description

My bike is a Dawes Mojave black trekking bike with lime green detailing. It's a couple years old and in pretty good condition. The attachment of the splash guard over the front wheel to the wheel is broken and held on with black duct tape. The bike has (or had, last it was with me) two stickers on the top tube of the frame. These are pictured below.

Theft Description

My bike was stolen out of the stairwell of my tenement flat in Canonmills, Edinburgh, the morning of the 27th June. There were a number of bikes in the stairwell but mine appears to have been the only one stolen. The door was propped open so it looks like the thief could have easily walked in