Stolen Dawes Cycles Dawes Duchesse

, 19 December 2018

Bike Description

This bike has been in an accident. It has a scuff mark on the back of the seat. The bike also has a scuff mark on the gears and the numbers have come off on the right hand side. The bike has had damage to the front wheel and the guard flap has come up a bit because a stick managed to get in the wheel. You will see a dent due to this and the flap will be bended up a little. The bike also may have a green lock on the front attaching the basket to the bike. It has been reported stolen in the Arbury area of Cambridge.

Theft Description

The bike was stolen today and the person responsible destroyed the fence to get it. I do not know where they took the fence post. They took out my belongings from the bike and threw them on the road. I do not know who stole it but they may live in Arbury in Cambridge. I live in Atkins Close where the bike was stolen from. The bike also have an orange bike lock which cannot be located either.