Stolen Dawes Cycles Chilli Whack

, 30/06/20 £40
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Bike Description

I have had this bike 18 years, so it doesn't really resemble it's original look. The Dawes stickers have all been removed and it has a dark metalic grey frame with an easily recognisable adjustable headset that says Zoom on the stem. It has dark blue forks. I also inverted the upright handle bars so they hang down, a bit like a roadster. Not a drop bar though more out to the sides. It has black saddle with a hole/slit in the middle and a rip on the right side. It has a pretty big black and orange Kryptonite lock attached to the frame and rack and held there by a bright red bungie cord. This lock cannot be removed because the thief doesn't have the key. It has a black rear rack that's pretty beaten up, wide grey mudguards the front one is only half size, silver bottle cage, no covers on the handle bar mounted gear levers and its worth nothing to anyone except me. Picture was taken before I inverted the handle bars.

Theft Description

Unlocked briefly in my tenement close around 3pm. Close cleaners left the door open and a wee chancer took a chance. The bike is worth nothing to anyone. It looks quite distinctive and has a big orange and black Kryptonite lock on it, worth more than the bike, but the thief will not be able to remove this with out a key. So I fear its just going to get stripped and/or dumped.