Stolen Cube Stereo 140 HPA Pro

, 20.4.15 Yes, if returned in perfect condition
  • Colour

    Blue with Black forks

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When


  • Crime Reference Number


  • Reward

    Yes, if returned in perfect condition

Bike Description

This is a brand new bike, I haven't even ridden it.  It is as standard spec apart from the brakes which were upgraded to Hope Tech3 Levers with E4 calipers and braided cables.  The rear brake is on the right, which might stand out as unusual.  Its a size 16. SRAM XO mechs with X9 shifters, Rockshox Pike forks and Reverb seat post.  27.5" (650b) wheels.

Theft Description

Some scumbags broke into my garage whilst I was asleep and stole my bike. I'm rather suspicious because I had only bought it the day before hand from Leisure Lakes in Cheltenham and had not told anyone about it yet which means that either, the luckiest bike thief in the world happened to break into my garage within 48 hours of me buying a £2.5k bike, or they knew that it was there, which means that they followed me home from Leisure Lakes, or had info that the bike would be there. They were professional, they used big bolt cutters on two good padlocks and disabled an alarm.  They knew what they were doing and were equipped for the task.