Stolen Cube Not sure

, Early saturday morning 100
  • Colour

    Black with yellow green cube sign

  • Frame Number

    Not sure

  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Early saturday morning

  • Crime Reference Number

    Cleveland Police Incident Number CVP-20-187147

  • Reward


Bike Description

  1. Brand new apl black cube woth greeny yellow cube sign brand new had a flat tire one off tyree stolen i dont have there code off the bike one womens small in bright blue simlar to the picture ive sent but with no yeplow on it  bronze coloured mans i have picture off app three stolen early saturday morning   

Theft Description

They were stolen from my back garden they jumped a 6ft fence to gain access we have cctv off someone on bike what they have left and it looks like a teenage boy its beleive tht wedtory street area there alot teenages robbing burgling there was group teeneage boy mooching the the streets friday night i witnessed vidios and beleive tht the person cctv is a child teenager not an adult