Cowboy 3

, 01/10/2020 8:30PM 150
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    01/10/2020 8:30PM

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Bike Description

Cowboy electric bike stolen. This bike is like new, I've used it 4-5 times maximum. It was taken from my hallway, and is missing a battery charger and the key to remove the battery. It should theoretically be impossible to use this bike without the app. Picture attached is not the bike itself but should give a good idea of what it looks like

Theft Description

Bike was taken from a shared hallway of house with two flats on Lady Margaret Road in Kentish Town. Door was presumably opened using some folded plastic to simply open the latch from the outside. The bike has a tracker and its last position was in NW5 3AH, around St Patrick's school on Holmes Road Kentish Town.

Recovery Description

Someone found the bike in a park, and posted it on facebook. Someone who had seen my Nextdoor post saw the facebook post, and I got in contact with them. The lucky thing is that the bike is unusable without an app, so the thief ditched it in a park (st martin's gardens)