coke a cola unknown

Bike Description

Black handle bars, seat, and pedals. Red with Coke-A-Cola writen along 2 sides of the bike black 4 pin code around the handlebars. Does not have red sign in the wheel like in pictures wheels are also thick.

Theft Description

Around 5"5-5"7 predicted, black teen boy around 15-17 (most likely 16) wearing all black. Has very short hair with gradient down the sides and 2 shaved lines going around the head on either side of the head. Stolen from outside a subway in elms farm (by the co-op, aldi and iceland) within a minute, was watched the whole time i was in the shop and stolen as i paid and walked out, cctv shows it going off screen as i left the building and shouted at the kids who had been watching my bike while i was in there who were now 2 shops down.

Recovery Description

A lovely woman in my area called Gemma found it near Bedford park!