Stolen Carrera Valour

, Faraday Road 50GBP
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    Faraday Road

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Bike Description

Newly bought- on the 16th of October 2014. 21 gears. A black heavyduty rack fixed in the rear. It has a deep scratch on the very end of the right hand break due to my first fall on this bike - this scratch is very deep and rather impossible to hide/mask it, unless someone replaces the whole right break handle. With mudguards fixed in front(a rear mudguard was fixed in the front) and three mudguards (two front mudgueards and one rear mudguard fixed all together in the rear so as to cover most of the rear wheel to prevent splashing when cycling in rain) fixed around the rear wheel - probably taken off by now, I suppose.

Theft Description

Stolen from: Bike stand on Faraday Road