Stolen Carrera bicycles vengeance

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  • Frame Number

    1 (or an i) 590520410

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Bike Description

(**** picture provided is not the exact bike!) On the frame in front of the seat , like if u were sat on it looking down there a scratch it had two different locks on it (probably cut off now) if you try to put it in 1st gear the bike will rattle it has two different tyres on it, one is the original

Theft Description

Three youths robbed my son and my nephew bike at knife point at our local skate park!  The youths that done this are well known to the police!  However the boys are scarred of come back should they press charges This is my son only mean (apart from walking) to get to school! Winter coming and I’m not in position to afford another bike for him, hence no cash reward :( Hoping this bike will be found and returned to him as take a lot stress off our plate! Thank you :)