Carrera bicycles Vengeance

, Between 11:30 am - 3:50pm 02/01/2021 £40
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    Between 11:30 am - 3:50pm 02/01/2021

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Bike Description

Had a small elastic clip on battery powered white light on front handle bars and similar red light on part of frame connected to the seat. 2 neon green zip ties holding the brake/gear line to the frame of the bike. A few scratches and scuffs. The tread on the back wheel is significantly worn down.

Theft Description

Stolen some time between 11:30 am - 3:50pm 02/01/2021. It was locked up to a bike rack outside of Beacon House Study Centre, Queen's Avenue, Bristol, BS81SE. No trace of lock left behind, however bike was definitely secured with a chain 5 pin combination lock through main frame of bike, wheel and rack. CCTV cameras observing area bike was stolen from but I am yet to obtain the footage from the day. A small shabby looking bike left in place of it, unlocked, which may have been unrelated but potential thief may have been riding this before ditching it to steal mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.</span>

Recovery Description

After seeing the bike on Facebook market place, I informed police with all relevant information I could find and they quickly followed up, went to the address of the thief and retrieved the bike.