Stolen Carrera bicycles Vengeance

, 11.10.18-12.10.18
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Bike Description

The bike has multiple scratches throughout the frame. It also carries a red and white “rock n’ roll” sticker (shown in picture) and a blue bottle holder. The rear mudguard was fixed to the bike with multiple white cable ties.

Theft Description

Stolen overnight in Denton Street (Wandsworth), SW London. The bike was locked with a D-Lock to the post of a street (parking) signal. Both wheels where further locked to the frame with a standard steel cable lock. Everything is gone. A second bike is always locked to the same street signal, but was not stolen.   The actual parking sign (which has always been there) is also gone, with only the metal post remaining. Thieves could have possibly removed the sign and simply taken out the D-Lock over the top of the signal.