Stolen Carrera bicycles Vengance

, Westway Cross Retail Park
  • Colour

    Black, blue and white

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Westway Cross Retail Park

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

My bike has a transformer blue sticker on the front below the handle bars. Silver and black handle grips. Painted on chrome on the pedals of the bike. The top part of the frame of the bike is chipped and most of the bike frame is chipped or grazed as my bike chain kept giving it scratches. It has a sticker on the side of the bike ripped off of a wolf. My mudguard at the back is ziptied on with a punisher sticker on it. The screws of the bike is mostly rusty but unable to move.

Theft Description

I started working for royal mail for Christmas role. I'm working Night shifts and I tied my bike up next to subway as I wasnt told where i could put the bike instead. I left it there at 9:30 then at 2am I checks to see if the bike was there in which it was, but soon as I finished work at 5:45am i come back look and it's not there. My bike was tied up tight to the bike rack, in which was motorbike chain. Somehow they got through it and took my bike with the chain. Update: Police cant help as they wont go through the CCTV footage for that night it was taken the time window in from 2am till 6am I mean CCTV is pointing at it and they want a time frame of only 20 minutes