Stolen Carrera bicycles Unknown

, Between 9pm 12/01/21 and 12pm 13/01/21 £40
  • Colour

    Silver and green

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Between 9pm 12/01/21 and 12pm 13/01/21

  • Reward


Bike Description

Silver and green frame with Carrera logo on it. Mountain or hybrid bike. Terrible photo, only one I had. Size unknown, but I am 5'4'' and rode it comfortably with the saddle near its lowest. Seems fairly small for an adult bike. It had a water bottle holder fitted, barely visible in the awful photo but attached to the lower part of the frame, and clips front and rear for attaching bike lights although these are easily removable. 21-speed, with grip shift gear levers. Handlebar grips in black rubber. The handlebars had additional pieces at each end sticking upwards at right angles to the main handlebars, these did not have any grips on and were silver/greyish metal. Slight bulge in rear tyre but otherwise good condition. I had the bike for 6-7 years, secondhand when I got it so probably 10 years old.

Theft Description

The bike was stolen from a bike rack outside Lumis Student Living, Capital Quarter, Tyndall St, Cardiff, CF10 4BZ. It was last seen at 9pm on 12/01. It was locked with a cable lock which must have been cut - the lock was also taken.