Stolen Carrera bicycles Parva Ltd – S Blade

, CMK train station
  • Colour

    Black and Red

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    CMK train station

  • Crime Reference Number


Bike Description

STOLEN FROM CMK TRAIN STATION WEDNESDAY 29TH JULY 2020. (9AM-8PM) CRIME REFERENCE NUMBER - 43200233807   It has general wear and tear on the bike, with a scratch being on the handlebar middle (where to adjust the handles). on the inscription of (Parva LTD) it has a couple of scratches on that part and the gear shifter and where it shows what gear is present is scuffed. There is a mudguard on the bike which is not a standard feature. The mudguard is rubbery material at the end. There is a black bell which is also scratched on the left side of the handlebar and there is a LED great light attached to the back seat pillar.