Stolen Carrera bicycles karkinos

, Saturday the 4th of August £30
  • Colour

    All white with red black and blue design and a red seat

  • Frame Number


  • Stolen From


  • Stolen When

    Saturday the 4th of August

  • Crime Reference Number


  • Reward


Bike Description

I have added a photo of the exact same model from a gumtree advert.  My cycle had black plastic pedals that your foot fits into.  There was a bike lock that was still on the bike when it got stolen, as they cut the post it was attached to.  It was in good condition with a few scratches.

Theft Description

stolen from the stairwell in the hallway of my building.  The bike was locked with a dlock attached to the cast iron spindles of the staircase.  The theif smashed the spindles and took the bike with the lock still attached.