Stolen Carrera bicycles Hellcat

, 13:40 Negotiatiable
  • Colour

    Black and Green

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Bike Description

20 inch frame.     24 gears.      Small patch where paint was scuffed off on the front of the frame next to the badge. When it left me (At lunch when I went to class) its frame and body were AS CLEAN AS COULD BE, the tires were a bit dirty. There is a small mask string on the spokes of the front wheel. The derailer took a knock EARLIER THAT DAY,  so it gets stuck in the wheel in first gear.

Theft Description

I take my bike to school for speed and fitness,  I take my bike with me at breaks and lunch,  Today I was running slightly late,  I lock my bike up at roughly 13:25,  Less than 15 minutes later a bloke in all black and a face mask with a backpack walks in from the street near by walks to the bike shelter and about 5 mins later he appears on a bike (MY BIKE) I wasn't able to see my bike was gone until 14:50 which by this point the guy could be anywhere