Stolen Carrera bicycles Gryphon

, April 13, 2020 between 5-7pm
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    April 13, 2020 between 5-7pm

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Bike Description

Carrera Limited Edition Gryphon Flat Bar Hybrid Bike 48cm frame Has a rear rack and front/rear fenders (all black) Black bike with royal blue accents Has a tool kit under the saddle Front LED light and rear red blinking light Has a bell attached to the front handlebars.

Theft Description

My bike (Carrera Gryphon hybrid bike) was stolen from the hallway outside my flat on Tuesday evening. I returned home around 5pm and can't recall for sure if it was there. When I came out of my flat around 7pm the bike was gone. I contacted my landlord and building manager to see if they had seen or moved it. They had not, and contacted the cleaner who said they had seen my bike when they left at 4:30pm. I have put up a sign in my building but no one has contacted me with any information. The only way into the building without a code is through the back entrance.