Stolen Carrera bicycles Crossfire II

, 04/05/2022 80£
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Bike Description

The bicycle had a front and a rear light and a support to had a basket. At least one of the inner tubes was patched. The front tire was slightly bad installed so was a little bit swollen near the presta valve. The cables underneath the bicycle body were lose as some of the holders fell down, this induce a noise on the bicycle when pedaling. The basket support is relatively new, but had rusty screws. Both lights had light adjustment. The C symbol on the front was peeling a little bit. The handles have different end covers (the caps that go inside the cylinder). The chain was a bit rusty. The front part of the bike near the logo was missing a bit of the paint due to the friction of the cables. the seat underneath has a bit of mud. The bicycle must have been bought in 2017 in the Halfords of Guildford. No mud guards, water or lock holder.

Theft Description

The bicycle was stolen from my garage in Henbury between the evening of 04/05/2022 (18:45) and the morning of 05/05/2022 (08:45).